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For a defense of McB see

Hi, I appreciated Amy Wellborn's observations about RMcB. I must say, I don't understand him at all. I consider myself a 'convert' to the faith into which I was baptized. I nearly abandoned the faith until a good protestant introduced me to Jesus in a personal way, and through Scripture--and then I fell in love with the Sacrament of the Eucharist, the Church's teaching authority and all things else about being Catholic. Because of my protestant connection, I also love ecumenism, and think it is good for us to rub shoulders with each other. But I take tremendous joy in reading about others who have also discovered Catholicism and decided to make it their own too. Loving Christ and the Church this way, I don't understand people like McBrien (or O'Leary for that matter) who seem to discount the discovery of the truth of Catholicism and falling in love with it, and wanting others to do so too.

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