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It distresses me that many theologians and biblical exegetes seem to feel that it is their mission in life to destroy the Faith of the 'little ones'. It is one thing to discuss matters which are not in accordance with the teachings of the Church amongst themselves but when they publish and preach publicly to a generally undercatechised laity they are doing the devil's work. It seems as if a parallel Magisterium has been set up and we laity are the poor mugs will possibly lose our immortal souls by listening to these 'experts'.

"Limbo was never a dogmatic teaching of the Church; it was a way to explain God's mercy. "

The whole Limbo dust up is, in my opinion, just another manufactured stick with which dissidents can bash the Church. Similar sticks are 'the old Missal is anti Semitic' and 'WYD 2008 will contribute to polution'.

My take on Limbo, whether it exists or not can't really be decided by the Church it's up to God, is like living in Melbourne. I think Melbourne is the best place in the world to live because I haven't been anywhere else. There may be hundreds of better places but I know nothing about them. If Limbo exists the children there are perfectly naturally happy and don't miss not having access to the beautific vision because they don't know about it. They can't miss what they don't know.

Everyone who has ever lost a child or knows someone who did (and since Roe v Wade, who doesn't??), limbo has been a sore spot. It was the one elephant in the room we glanced at often as we walked around it. If it's not a dogmatic teaching of the Church, then it's not a dogmatic teaching of the Church.

Christ quoted this: "Go and learn what this means: I desire mercy, not sacrfice." And are we in our reluctance to let the little children come unto Him, also observing only the letter of the Law?

We miss the forest for the trees, sometimes. Catholicism is not so narrow a gate that a pure innocent can't fit through or under.

Christ Himself wasn't baptized until He was 30.

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