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Enjoyed the article. Brilliant writer, just as I remember. I will go to the movie. Also enjoyed the article and pictures of the pope.

*****glad you liked it, Joan. Hope you are doing well!

Hello. Congratulations for your blog.

I think that to be fair one must also consider the movie quality as well when comparing The Lion, the Prince, and the Wardrobe to The Golden Compass. The former was well made and had a cogent script, which provided a good movie-going experience. The latter, although containing good acting and effects, had a muddled script and was difficult to understand as story clarity was sacrificed in order to jam in part of the second book. It received less than favorable reviews from critics and, although that does not always presage audience response, it might have influenced audiences to make other selections, especially when December is already crowded with other activities.

****I agree with you Julie, but it is interesting that along with the above came a deluge of protest and advice to avoid the movie from people like to me to parishioners and families who would otherwise have thought they were going to go see just another family-fantasy flick. Besides, if the folks didn't go see it, how would they know the script was muddled and the story convoluted--I think bad reviews and a red flag about what the movie really was did have some effect.

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