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Before ordained ministry, I was an Arizona Highway Patrol officer for six years, stationed in Yuma and in Tucson. I worked as close to the border as you can get. The human suffering is real.

I have seen grandmothers and babies stuffed in small pick-up trucks with up to a dozen other people even in the heat of summer. I have seen a severely injured field laborer refuse to get medical attention because he was afraid it would lead to discovery of his undocumented status. I have had a widow who was scared to claim her husband's body because she was afraid it would lead to her deportation and separation from her family. Of course, I also have seen the criminal element in the undocumented population, but not because all undocumented immigrants are criminals, but because they are being used as cover for the drug runners on both sides of the border. The border has grown out of control, but targeting those who really have the least power to change their circumstances is not going to make the borders any safer. If anything, it will drive normally peaceful even further underground and even harder to distinguish from the genuine and violent criminals.

God's blessings and thank for addressing this important issue.

Sorry for the poor grammar in my last post. It's late. I just wanted to note that Lutheran Immigration and Refugee Service also has been working against this law.

Father- I agree with you that we should take care of the stranger in our midst. But please don't accept the liberal smear that people who want to control our borders want to be inhumane towards these people. No conservative I know has even hinted that. Part of the problem is that we are so generous with the stranger in our midst that our social service sector is going bankrupt. The reason they come here is BECAUSE we treat them better than their own government. No one on EITHER side has even suggested mistreating these poor people. In fact, the chaotic and extra- legal way in which this is being handled makes it much more likely that people will be mistreated by outlaws using the system to their advantage.

*****You are absolutely correct and you point out the difficulty of being totally black or white on this issue. People are right to be concerned about their safety and both sides have to recognize the legitimate concerns all people have with this issue. I still think it is possible to craft a solution that will be acceptable to all.

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