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April 2017

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Everything you wrote is correct and true. These things need to be told and put into print. I am so glad that you write a column in the Observer because I really miss your homily’s! As I once mentioned to you, more people need to be able to read what you write!

I agree, it was well written. We can not emphasize it enough that Obama is trying to reduce Religious Liberty to freedom to worship. He has taken this argument to the Supreme Court. I don't believe many Catholics are aware of the degree to which Obama has waged this battle.

your words speak true. We have once again become asleep, as this country is slowly, and methodically being lead down a road we should not travel. We are so busy, that we just let the government take care of everything. They are to be lead by the people, not controlling the people. To often the glare of head lights is our image, as unknown facts are brought to our attention. Laws are changed or rewritten with barely a battered eye. The world is so busy we are loosing track of all the changes around us,of the darkness slithering in and we say not a word. We must be careful not to shout so loud from the roof tops with a temporary passion for our faith, only to yield its head during political elections times, and in day to day life we live only for oneself and do our hour a week with the Lord. We must wake each day with the passion of keeping this Nation a Christian Nation, lead by men of God. It is real simple. Are we going to pay attention to what is happening to our country today, or will we be ready to pay the price for not speaking out, let's try voting with the heart of a servant of Christ? When you are serving Christ you can serve no other. The choice is clear. Be careful.....Our faith will become weakened or a vague mention in a decade if we don't step up and be heard. In the way we serve others, in the way we love our enemy's, in the way we lead people to the truth. Are we worriers? Let's Look back in history. Faith has always survived because everyday people stand up every single day for what is true and righteous to our Lord. Not just for the press not just in front of a crowd but at the store, with friends, family and neighbors. We all are flawed that is true, but one who is flawless needs be the only leader. Need I say, God!!!!! Ihave never voted for a party, found foul with both, where there is men with power there is greed and corruption. I vote very simply, as if Christ himself was standing beside me in the voting both. What does he want me to fight for? Who is the person who would bring the Lord to the table on decisions we make in the White House? I ask we each pray before we vote and ask the Lord to help us make that choice, And make each and every day a day you can close our eyes knowing you have lived for the Lord. Please vote, anyway your choices and voices are heard make a difference. Enjoyed the passion of your article Msgr. Barr. Pray you are well.

Agree totally! Very well written.

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